ANINOKO Band Photo
Photo: Joe Calixto


Erupting from the unruly sounds of Northern California emerge ANINOKO. Since 2015 this force has been channeling a relentless playing style that has captured the balance of anger and action. Their raw and rhythmic approach is fueled by cutting vocals that scream their stories, struggles, and community drive. NINOKO abrasively dispatch their energy in their native tongues – bridging the two worlds together with fast and fierce dissonance.

ANINOKO, meaning “my shadow,” carry the fiery spirit of 80s punk and hardcore, destroying barriers between audience and performer. They share their history and shape the moment with true energy. They are furious, yet full of hope – shouting in the face of Imperialism in this digital age of the Filipino diaspora. There is a classic approach to their method, and this four-piece communicates their style with a raucous temper that pushes forward an alert and aggressive sound.

They share lineage with bands such as ESKAPO, ECHO OF BULLETS, and BANKRUPT DISTRICT. All come from the early 2000s era of the San Francisco Pinoise Pop timeline. They have now evolved into current gatherings such as Aklasan Fest held at Bindlestiff Studio – now known as the “Epicenter of Filipino Performing Arts.” ANINOKO have helped stitch together a notable wave of Pinoy sound and momentum while keeping the spirit of their journey on point with the creation of Aklasan Records, a Bay Area-based DIY label/distributor.

  • Von Amon – drums
  • Rupert Estanislao – vocals
  • Loi Fajardo – guitar
  • Jesse Gonales – bass