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Marron 12″ S/T EP and Malastare 2014 Cassette EP out now!

MARRÓN takes its chief inspiration from the area’s highly racialized landscape of inequity, tragedy, and beauty. But while SoCal is the home, DC hardcore rings throughout the chords, and these veteran members of bands such as ESPERANZA, MUGRE, and DESCARADOS bring a new kind of fire to their emotive sound. Owing as much influence to bands like SWIZ as to the political writings of ALBERT MEMMI, MARRÓN brings a new wave of sound and race-critical perspectives to punk and hardcore that will make you want to dance and decolonize! However, you will need none of these references to be moved by the music contained in this record. All records include a download.

The first 25 pre-orders include limited clear vinyl and limited poster print by Pável Acevedo

malastare - cassette - ep

MALASTARE’S 2014 Cassette EP blasts melodic crust to a new level. Their dynamic drumming, fat overdriven bass, and atmospheric guitar sets a dark tone for heavy riffage all too appropriate for an Ethospine Noise collaboration. Brace yourself, this three piece from Guadalajara, MX are undeniably one of the best contemporary bands in punk/hardcore. Fuck the hype, this shit is real. Keep your ears open for their 2016 LP.