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MISCEGENATION is a derogatory term historically used by white supremacists, ordinary racists, and the United States law to describe the interracial sexual activity and the subsequent procreation of bi-racial children as a result. Miscegenation. A threat to the US nation-state project and its accompanying Anglo settler-colonial sense of self. Amerikkka the White.

Through anti-miscegenation laws, the state sought to enforce racial division by attempting to discipline the population all the way into the bedroom. By punishing those of us who dare feel a burning desire for another human being. The laws were part of broader racial projects legalizing exclusion, like chattel slavery and the residential segregation of those categorized as non-white. These laws were enacted to ensure the property was transferred to White, and preferably male, owners. Historically only Whites have been legally permitted to own property, and the procreation of a mixed-race child put into question the White father’s ability to transfer his wealth to a racially ‘pure’ son. Anti-miscegenation laws were made illegal until 1967 as part of other important Civil Rights reforms fought for by common people.

Our band is a product of the current historical moment: clouded by postmodernity (post-politics, post everything on Facebook!) and formerly assumed postraciality, yet faced with a repackaged formula of old-fashioned white nationalism, now called the “alt-right.” Fifty years ago this musical endeavor would have gotten some of our asses kicked for denouncing the same things we abhor today. Interracial solidarity with a strong taste for resource redistribution is a dangerous and necessary thing if we hope for an anti-capitalist world. Fear of such interracial collaboration remains strong in 2017. While we understand the centuries-long history of racial capitalism that stands in the way of building interracial relationships, we believe that working together is but the first-step needed to disrupt the racial hierarchy upon which white supremacist, heteronormative patriarchy is built. Resources continue to be distributed along classed, gendered, and racialized lines and interracial solidarity is essential to abolishing our current economic system. We have to remember that Whiteness, like other racial categories, is also a social construct with material consequences. We have all been racialized. For this reason, miscegenation has been deemed a threat to the current social order. White nationalists have labeled their fear as “white genocide.” Others, less vitriolic, label their superficial desire to mingle with racialized others as “multiculturalism.” Neither provides us with the ideal society in which we desire to live.

Instead, we sing and dance to the demise of Whiteness! The construction of the White racial category continues to serve the purpose of justifying exploitation, violence, and capitalist destruction. White supremacy is racial capitalism’s tool for cannibalizing non-white peoples all over the world. And for that reason, it must be destroyed. We disidentify. We dismantle.

AND MORE because we first decided to start fucking one another only to realize that the love we feel shall express itself through expropriation, redistribution, and creative destruction of the current social order. Refuse. Raid. Reclaim. We all deserve so much more, and we will take it! We come for their houses. The beds they sleep on. Their five-car garages. Their cave-aged cheeses. Their silk-sheets. Their trust funds. Especially their pinchi trust funds. Their chocolate-covered almonds. Their Venetian blown glass. Their mid-century modern furniture. All the stolen exotic spices. We want it all. We’ll take it all!