Photo: Brian Braganza

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This is a pile driving, pissed off trio incursion. NAMATAY SA INGAY, in Tagalog, appropriately means “died from noise.” Their sound discharges 80’s vigor and grit. They have a rough, high-energy connection composed of pelting drums, thick abrasive guitars, and crude bass assaults. Their vocals are furiously spewed in a growling mixture of pain and disgust. All of this creates a caustic outfit worth experiencing.

They share their stories in their native tongues through a vicious onslaught of aggressive hooks and clamoring rapid beats rooted in the spirit of early Pinoy punk bands. NAMATAY SA INGAY not only let you rediscover such spirit but connect the past to your eardrums with unruly charge expressed in aural derangement.

NAMATAY SA INGAY blasts their sound from the shadows of New York City. This all-immigrant three-piece embodies what it means to play raw music in the first-world. They come together and give sonic contact to such events as the Kidapawan Massacre in North Cotabato to the current drug wars under Duterte rule where an estimated 20,000 people have been killed throughout the Philippines. Family and friends have fallen victim to these policies and the band releases their anger and direction through disruptive clamor. NAMATAY SA INGAY bridges two worlds and gives musical content to life we are all too accustomed to ignore and forget.

  • AJ Santos – guitars and vocals
  • Simon Sabuero – drums and vocals
  • Levyn Herra – bass and vocals