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New Release and Upcoming Shows


A new colorful degree of Tijuana DIY brings us SOCIEDAD SECRETA DEL VACIO. This project features ex-members of Maladie, Satie, Walle, and co-conspirators of the infamous Paradox Pedals. SOCIEDAD SECRETA DEL VACIO is a three piece instrumental melodic noise post-punk/hardcore group who takes their approach to new loud hypnotic oscillating levels. Their debut EP RESET is a serious dance through tenured beats, exploding rhythms, flirty melodies, fuzzed out riffage, thoughtful noise, and charming poise on infinite repeat. Moody yet soulful, fierce but cunning, well versed, optimistic, and of course brutal when needed. This is a no nonsense execution of a debut release. For fans of all things Ethospine Noise. Pop and lock your way to getting your hands on this cassette.


Limited to 250.

$5 each.

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In related news, SOCIEDAD SECRETA DEL VACIO will be doing a short stint of shows with Ethospine Noise culprits MOXIEBEAT, XHENDRIX, and MALASTARE in Guadalajara, Toluca, and D.F. where all will join ANNAPURA for LXS GRISES FEST! ANNAPURA’s test press has been approved and we are anticipating a spring debut 7″, celebrating Ethospine Noise’s 30th release to date! As always, the economy will not boom, but your stereo must.