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New Ruin EP debut release now available on Web Store!

NOW available through our web store

ESN-027 – Released in October of 2015, NEW RUIN’s debut release encapsulates the band’s social consciousness and reverberating live performances. Taking influences from punk, hardcore, and new wave, the eponymous release’s seven tracks integrate melodic interludes through a wall of sound. With songs about deindustrialization, alienation, dirty wars, and the will to resist, their work aims to humanize communities often forgotten, suppressed, or struggling to reclaim themselves from the grips of capitalism and imperialism.  All music was written by NEW RUIN.  All lyrics were written by Anna Quinones and Kevan Aguilar. Artwork by Tomas Acosta. Recorded at Beware House studio in Orange, CA with Chung Il Kwon and Matt Pathmajeyan.