Frecuencia de Corte – ESN- 025

This is the first and final full length of the now deceased JACQUES COUSTEAU hailing from Mexico City.  It is the follow-up release to their 2014 7’’ split with MONOGITARI. “Frecuencia de Corte” executes a deliberating beautifully composed brutal attack on the senses.  A definite pleaser for those experiencing boredom from contemporary hardcore. JACQUES COUSTEAU creates a space for new noise and fresh ears. This session is truly epochs in seconds. Words cannot give enough justice to “Frecuencia de Corte” but rather something that is to be experienced.  Tracks on this album range from six seconds to two-and-a-half minutes.  Fast, explosive, rythmically clustered, chaotically flustered, creating complex layers that are linear, noisy, and jazz infused. Blown out throaty vocals, heavy driving bass lines, accompanied by jangly, crunchy, spazzed out guitars. All pieced together with soulful drum signatures navigating into disarray, making their sound even more artful, unique and apparent. Caution: Do not drink their water, unless you want the best acid trip Mexico has to offer. Limited release of 217 Cassettes.

Check out this release here: https://jacquescousteau.bandcamp.com