MISCEGENATION, and MORE – s/t, Digital Full Length

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Miscegenation, and More bring us a giddy, nerve-wrecking, and danceable cacophony from the San Diego-Tijuana border region. The sound: often dissonant, but always catchy. The lyrics: playful, provocative, and sincere. The band provides us with a Third World Autonomous Marxist Feminist analysis of everyday life in late capitalism. With such little space between music and such straightforward political analysis, these 11 tracks leave very little up to interpretation.
Formed in 2015, the group played frequently in the Southern California and Northern Mexico region, intentionally playing an equal amount of shows on both sides of the border. In a punk scene that relies so heavily on shock, gimmicks, and posturing, Miscegenation+ offer a sincere and unapologetic call for expropriation and wealth redistribution, Third World solidarity, and global emancipation. And they mean it!
Equally drawing inspiration from punk classics like The Fall, Chumbawamba, The B52s, Nation of Ulysses, Wipers, and Neu! as much as from Alice Coltrane, Prince, Norteñas and Balkan-Caucasian folk music, Miscegenation+ argue that 21st century Left-wing cultural production should consider making a mass appeal rather than glorifying the obscure and abstract. After all, the neo-liberal era already situates individualism, individuality, and self-expression comfortably within market logic. In contrast, Miscegenation+ make an appeal to revive a Left-wing and underground culture grounded in a collective identity and struggle.
Miscegenation+ remind us that the transition to stateless communism is both empowering and fun. It’s time to dance. It’s time to sabotage.

Released July 1, 2017