Self-Titled ESN-028

“Days of future thrash,” the sons of Tijuana are back at it again without a doubt.  This extension of the late great WALLE brings the birth of XHENDRIX, the brainchild of Rene Bocanegra and Victor Villarespe. This twisted mixture of psychedelic power violence, classic 80’s hardcore riffage, post primitive punk, decadent bass licks, and retro 70’s stoner rock flare (not in the vein of Toni Iommi, but dare we say, Hendrix?). This debut cassette EP from XHENDRIX toasts the lineage of their prominence and tenure to Tijuana DIY hardcore.  With this new project, Bocanegra and Villarespe have teamed up with drummer Sergio Picos to continue their never-ending genre-bending assault.  Ambitious and unapologetic, this you must hear and experience.   Recorded at Earth Capitol by Alex Estrada.

Packaging designed by Picos. Limited 250 cassettes. Check out this release here: http://xhendrix.bandcamp.com