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WASTE AGE’s self-titled EP Now Available

WASTE AGE – s/t CD EP … ESN026

Limited 150 CD release available through web store

ESN-026 WASTE AGE’s self-titled EP demonstrates complex, layered, musical patterns that continue the moody melodies of what you could only expect from another Chung Il Kwon project. Following their 2013 split 10” with Pittsburgh’s EDHOCHULI, this record captures the band’s pronounced songwriting, honing their intricacies, making their musicianship feel effortless. Intertwining guitars each in different tunings and deep groovy-dark keyboards fill the room. This EP is full of rich harmonies – vibrant and on-point, and a lot of hair to back up the punching drums. A punk approach to post-rock, both playfully elaborate and raw. Soul-punk at its finest. “Their best release to date” – anonymous KUCR DJ. Okay, Elliot Fong said it. Art by Fritz Aragon. Recorded by the band themselves at their very own Beware House.