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NEW Limited Pressings Now Available!

Hi, world. This year has really sped right past us. We are trying our best to keep up with all of the amazing happenings as of late. If you live outside of Southern California chances are you haven’t gotten your hands on any of these releases. But wait – now you can! These limited pressings are now available at the web store. We’re talking ridiculously good jams from JACQUES COUSTEAU, NEW RUIN, WASTE AGE, and XHENDRIX. Make sure you are also one the first 90 people to get the NEW RUIN tape, we hear it comes with an MP3 download card in its description. On top of that, we are working on future releases. Like, what you say? How about stuff like ANNAPURA 7”, NAMATAY SA INGAY / ANINOKO split 7”, and MOXIEBEAT LP. We fuck you not!

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ESN- 025  “Frecuencia de Corte” is the first and final full length of the now deceased JACQUES COUSTEAU hailing from Mexico City.  It is the follow-up release to their 2014 7’’ split with MONOGITARI. “Frecuencia de Corte” executes a deliberating beautifully composed brutal attack on the senses.  A definite pleaser for those experiencing boredom from contemporary hardcore. JACQUES COUSTEAU creates a space for new noise and fresh ears. This session is truly epochs in seconds. Words cannot give enough justice to “Frecuencia de Corte” but rather something that is to be experienced.  Tracks on this album range from six seconds to two-and-a-half minutes.  Fast, explosive, rhythmically clustered, chaotically flustered, creating complex layers that are linear, noisy, and jazz infused. Blown out throaty vocals, heavy driving bass lines, accompanied by jangly, crunchy, spazzed out guitars. All pieced together with soulful drum signatures navigating into disarray, making their sound even more artful, unique and apparent. Caution: Do not drink their water, unless you want the best acid trip Mexico has to offer. Limited release of 217 Cassettes.

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ESN-026 WASTE AGE’s self-titled EP demonstrates complex, layered, musical patterns that continue the moody melodies of what you could only expect from another Chung Il Kwon project. Following their 2013 split 10” with Pittsburgh’s EDHOCHULI, this record captures the band’s pronounced songwriting, honing their intricacies, making their musicianship feel effortless. Intertwining guitars each in different tunings and deep groovy-dark keyboards fill the room. This EP is full of rich harmonies – vibrant and on-point, and a lot of hair to back up the punching drums. A punk approach to post-rock, both playfully elaborate and raw. Soul-punk at its finest. “Their best release to date” – anonymous KUCR DJ. Okay, Elliot Fong said it. Art by Fritz Aragon. Recorded by the band themselves at their very own Beware House. Limited 150 CD release.

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ESN-027 Released in October of 2015, NEW RUIN’s debut release encapsulates the band’s social consciousness and reverberating live performances. Taking influences from punk, hardcore, and new wave, the eponymous release’s seven tracks integrate melodic interludes through a wall of sound. With songs about deindustrialization, alienation, dirty wars, and the will to resist, their work aims to humanize communities often forgotten, suppressed, or struggling to reclaim themselves from the grips of capitalism and imperialism.  All music was written by NEW RUIN.  All lyrics were written by Anna Quinones and Kevan Aguilar. Artwork by Tomas Acosta. Recorded at Beware House studio in Orange, CA with Chung Il Kwon and Matt Pathmajeyan. Check out the release here:

ESN-028 “Days of future thrash” The sons of Tijuana are back at it again without a doubt.  This extension of the late great WALLE bring the birth of XHENDRIX, the brain child of Rene Bocanegra and Victor Villarespe. This twisted mixture of psychedelic powerviolence, classic 80’s hardcore riffage, post primitive punk, decadent bass licks, and retro 70’s stoner rock flare (not in the vein of Toni Iommi, but dare we say, Hendrix?). This debut cassette EP from XHENDRIX toasts the lineage of their prominence and tenure to Tijuana DIY hardcore.  With this new project, Bocanegra and Villarespe have teamed up with drummer Sergio Picos to continue their never-ending genre-bending assault.  Ambitious and unapologetic, this you must hear and experience. Recorded at Earth Capitol by Alex Estrada.  Packaging designed by Picos. Limited 250 cassettes.

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